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Viral Video Fever grips Bigg Boss contestants

Following Karan and Lokesh’s evictions, the housemates have learnt a vital lesson – there is no use of fighting, because the after effects are painful. While trying to deal with the void left by Lokesh’s untimely exit, Manu and Manveer come across her jute dress from the previous task and recall the sentiments they felt for her. But one clear emotion which prevails is Manu, Manveer and Mona’s hatred towards Om Swami. His wayward ways irk everyone and he emerges as the outcast amongst all contestants.

Recuperating from an emotionally draining episode, the contestants welcome a new day with ‘Sarkai Lo Khatiya’. While preparing breakfast, Om Swami irritates an already cranky Bani by asking her to make a second dish for his breakfast. Gaurav attempts to play the peacemaker, but Bani snaps back at him because she feels he is siding with Swamiji. Manu and Manveer try to cheer Mona up, but seeing her unresponsiveness feel that it might have something to do with her conversations with Gaurav.

Bringing in a twist to this week’s nomination process, Sunny Leone introduces a ‘Viral Video Fever’ task. In keeping with the task, the contestants have to create a 3-minute entertaining video matching the set up provided by Bigg Boss. The housemates are divided into two teams with Lopamudra and Bani being the captains. Rohan, Manu, Mona and Om Swami are assigned to Lopa’s team while Gaurav, Rahul, Manveer and Nitibha are in Bani’s team. These videos will be judged by Sunny Leone and the losing team will find itself nominated for evictions.

Kickstarting the task, Bigg Boss gives the contestants their first set-up of a tabela. Lopa’s team goes first where Rohan and Manu pretend to act like a cow and buffalo having a conversation about their annoying master Om Swami. Bani’s team recreates a scene from Deewar by adding a fun twist where Gaurav acts like Amitabh Bachchan, Bani as Sumitra Devi and Manveer as Shashi Kapoor. The second set-up is that of a Disco, and both the teams turn up the heat as Lopa, Manu, Manveer and Rahul do a pole dance to impress Sunny Leone.

Come evening, Mona confronts Manu about his comment stating that she needs both Manu and Manveer to stay inside the house to support her. Manu justifies himself by saying that it was said as a joke. Further, to cheer Mona up and bring in her birthday, Manu plans a surprise for her where he writes ‘Happy Birthday Mona’ in the garden area using tissue paper rolls. The other contestants also join in and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for her.

With the Viral Video Fever task bringing out the contestant’s quirky side, will they be able to impress the beautiful Sunny Leone and save themselves from the looming nominations?

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