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WEB-SERIES REVIEW: ALTBalaji’s ‘Haq Se’ perfectly captures the struggles of women in a Man’s world with Kashmir’s Mirza sisters

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Surveen Chawla, Parul Gulati, Nikessha, Rukshar Rehman, Simone Singh, Parvail Gulati, Ravi Khemu, Karanvir Sharma
Director: Ken Ghosh

ALTBalaji flips the coin of entertainment everytime in making you believe web series is the future of India. It recently released ‘The Test Case’ has kept the audiences captivated online for a never seen before story and so did Boss: Dead/Alive. Budgets got bigger and so did the subjects. One such fascinating story is ‘Haq Se’ from the land of Kashmir following the journey of the Mirza sisters. We wat h the first 5 episodes from the season and here’s a detailed review:

Story: Haq Se starts as a story of two Mirza sisters, where one of them has four daughters. The daughters are young women with their own minds and set to live life on their terms. The family is put to shame by an extra-marital affair of one of the sisters with a local politician. The eldest daughter of the other sister, Meher (played by Surveen Chawla), signs up to intern with the charismatic doctor Naushad Rizvi (Rajeev Khandelwal). Jannat Mirza (Parul Gulati) is a freelancer who wants to change Kashmir with her blog, while Bano (Rukhsar Rehman), a musician, and Amal Mirza (Nikessha), influenced by the fashion industry, are still finding their footing in a world full of grown-ups. The undertone of this multi-cast series is the survival of women living in a man’s world, however shielded world that is. The dreamy doc may have murdered his wife. The blog’s no longer an innocent diary, and children finding their footing in a world full of grown-ups are destined for heartbreak, sometime or the other.


Performances: The characters have been casted perfectly. Surveen Chawla brings responsibility and stand tall as doctor and elder sister, there’s so much depth in her performance. Parul Gulati effortlessly becomes strong and vulnerable whenever she’s required to be. You might make an instant comparison for Rukhsar Rehman’s character’s story with that of Zaria Wasim from ‘Secret Superstar’ but her track gives you more insight into the realism of Kashmir. Nikessha does a decent job.

Rajeev Khandelwal proves his excellence in a controlled manner as an arrogant, disciplined yet emotional doctor where it is almost difficult to guess if he has a hidden past.

The other cast members like Simone Singh and Karanvir Sharma are worth mentioning too.


Direction: Ken Ghosh takes a detour from his usual cinema and delivers something out of the box. His female characters are strong in every project and ‘Haq Se’ is no exception, you have women pursuing different careers with their own set of challenges yet they fall back on each other for support. After receiving flak for his last directorial ‘Dev DD’, Ken Ghosh has definitely made a comeback and kudos to Ekta Kapoor for supporting him. His direction captures the emotions of each character in a very personal manner, you tend to empathize with all of their problems. ‘Haq Se’ has been treated like a full length feature film and the brilliant cinematography and set up prove it. Kashmir has been captured by the lenses a several times but the way this web series does it is unbelievable. Although the premise of every sister being ambitious may seem too much, it is necessary for the Indian audience to be shown the importance of respecting and letting aspirants do what they believe they’re good at. It’s easily one of the most thought about scripts to come on a streaming platform this year.

Cinespeaks Verdict: Haq Se convincingly captures the struggle of individuals, women and society at large with the set notions and boundaries. The performances are worthy, the cinematography is breath taking and the twists will keep you waiting for more. Cinespeaks gives this web series 4 out of 5 stars.

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