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WEB SERIES REVIEW: ‘Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain’ Brings Realism Of Troubled Relationships To Forefront

Alt Balaji brings an old wine in a new bottle with ‘Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain’ that deals with the complications that come with an affair in a marriage. Celebrated television stars Ronit Roy, Mona Singh and Gurdeep Kohli come together for this Ekta Kapoor production and venture into the digital space for the very first time. We got to preview four episodes of the show and here’s our review:

Story: Rohit Mehra (played by Ronit Roy) is a successful entrepreneur who falls in love with his employee Ananya Sharma (played by Mona Singh) and has an extra marital affair with her for over a couple of years. The set up initially makes us believe Ananya is the only love of Rohit’s life only to reveal that he has a wife named Poonam (played by Gurdeep Kohli) and two daughters. Poonam and Rohit are married young and she’s been his strength since the start of his career when they almost had nothing, she’s been a loyal housewife all her life. She finds out about this affair through her daughters and complexities for Rohit become more real. Can a new born love be so strong that it can forget the loyalty of 20 years? Can a man who has a daughter of a marriageable age come out in the open and make his love, a legally wedded wife? The depth of these relationships is what the web series discovers.



Ronit Roy’s intensity is his forte. One can completely empathize with his fluctuating emotions when he wants to commit to his affair and also be in the dilemma to whether divorce his first love or not. Feelings are feelings, it’s hard to control them. Yes, he has a wife but when Love happens it just does and that’s what you exactly feel through his character.

Mona Singh plays a bubbly independent woman who dares to be in a relationship with a married man demanding of more from him. Although at one point she’s made to come across as a gold digger, but her raw emotions never let you feel she could be one.

Gurdeep Kohli juggles between anger and helplessness as a wife and she’s emotes these with much ease. The turmoil of her journey leaves your heart broken with a hope.

The daughters casted are great too.


Music and Dialogues: The song by Amruta FadnavisTum Ho Paas’ captures the essence of story perfectly, it fits right with storyline between the three characters. There’s a dialogue that Mona Singh’s character mouths which goes by “Hamara pyaar kitna sundar hai. Par jab duniya ke saamne aata hai toh kitna gandaa ho jaata hai”, now isn’t that a brilliant line? The conversations that the characters indulge in are so relatable and high on drama.

Direction: Kapil Sharma’s direction makes this ‘been there, done that story’ interesting with its urban touch making the chemistry between Rohit and Anaya along with Poonam’s helpless situation all look real. Actress Neena Gupta returns to writing with this script and the depth she’s given to each of the characters is phenomenal. There are those Bollywood cliches where in for one sequence the silver earrings liked by Ananya get exchanged for the gold ones desired by Poonam which create the base of an existence of another woman, but placed in a real life situation all these seem like a possibility. The communication surrounding an unfaithful man get a little monotonous too. The flavor is still very ‘television’ Balaji that has been made to translate on a digital platform. But despite these elements, you put yourself into the shoes of these characters and relate to them like the makers want you to!

Cinespeaks Verdict: For making the audiences empathize with its characters, this show is definitely a Must Watch! Especially for those who love to love, love stories that explore so much depth. Cinespeaks gives ‘Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain’ 3 out of 5 Stars.

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