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WEB SERIES REVIEW: ‘PM Selfiewallie’ Is A Fun Take On Politics That Connects The Youth

Cast: Nityaami Shirke, Sayed Raza, Paaras Zutshi, Beena Banerjee

AltBalaji is venturing into various genres for their digital content, from drama, political thriller, horror, action and comedy, they seem to covering it all. Producer Ekta Kapoor has replicated her success from Hindi television onto the digital platform their the AltBalaji app with hit web shows like ‘Ragini MMS 3’, ‘Bose: Dead/ Alive’, ‘Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat’, ‘Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai’, ‘Haq Se’, ‘The Test Case’, ‘Romil and Jugal’ and many more. The latest show that they’re serving in a fun filled platter is the very unique ‘PM Selfiewallie‘, where we got to watch the first 3 episodes and here’s our review:

Story: A young London return Tanya (played by Nityaami Shirke) is made the Prime Minister of India overnight after she dethrones her grandmother (played by Beena Banerjee). Her appointment is a strategy put in place by Tanya’s Dadi to have an unsuitable PM in the form on Tanya, who loves to dress up, take selfies and move around with her friend’s brigade, for her falling political career to be revamped where she hopes the opposition demands to have her back as the PM. Unfortunately, the otherwise considered dumb and someone who can’t even speak Hindi well, who doesn’t even know anything about politics, seems to be winning hearts over by her simple kindness and lovable avatar. She goes to the extend of organizing a fashion show exhibiting the jewels that villagers wore and in return she gives the money to the villagers of the profit made, seeing her this act the villagers cast her vote and she wins a seat. She’s won the hearts of the people of her country but what happens when she has to represent the nation at an international summit? You shall be hooked on to find out!



Nityaami Shirke is adorable as the blonde who is suddenly given a huge responsibility but doesn’t drastically change to do her part. She alters her surroundings in her own way and wins hearts. Although she gives you moments to fall love with her, she can be a tad bit irritating with her over the top expressions and loud dialogues.

Beena Banerjee is phenomenal as the shrewd politician and makes believe of her moves like the ones we know of in real life. She’s done a marvelous job.

The rest of the cast has been selected for their parts. They make the series even more eventful.


Direction: To direct something only possible in a parallel universe is a task and the director manages to keep it colorful and entertaining in every way. It’s a quirky and light hearted series that talks about how the youth is so disconnected from the real world with technology and social media on constant update. But it doesn’t take the serious turn, it’s a comical satire that educates on how simplicity and kind hearted-ness can win over people and how the general public needs respect and attention, unlike what the real life politicians of today think and work like. In order to keep the youth captivated, there are sequences where easily relatable elements have been used like emojis, selfies, acceptance of the LGBT community and the youth’s strong point of view against urinating in public. There’s a rollercoaster ride that you hop on with Tanya’s life that’s takes comical and adventurous twists. Given the current political scenario, you hope that it was this easy and enjoyable to be a part of politics. However, the overall treatment can be a little overwhelming.


Cinespeaks Verdict: Those who can ignore the seriousness of real world politics and can take the satire real well, they shall enjoy this light hearted scenario well. The youth may take more interest in politics and get an insight on how it functions through this show. Cinespeaks gives ‘PM Selfiewallie’ 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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