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Will Darasing be in Bigg Boss 13?

Will Darasing be in Bigg Boss 13? Here’s what you should know ! Over the years, Bigg Boss has become a great platform for artistes to gain popularity. Thanks to the popularity of the show, several small and big celebrities crave to get into the Bigg Boss house, which is headed by superstar Salman Khan. As the new season of the show is set to kick off, speculation around the participants has started doing the rounds. We have heard that Mr India international, Darasing Khurana, has been approached to be among one of the inmates for this year. A source says, “Darasing was expected to be on the show last year as well. In fact, his fans were hoping that he would be one of the wild card entries. He has been spotted around the show’s production house office at several junctures, hence he has been approached for the show.” The insider adds that while he almost made up his mind to step into the house this year, Darasing changed his mind at the last minute. “He won’t be part of the show. Darasing feels that his acting career is picking up at the moment, hence he decided to not enter the house. He did give it a thought for the longest time, but at the end, decided to stick to his decision of staying out,” says the source. We guess Darasing’s fans will have to wait until the next season to see if he green lights the show.

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