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Will Salman Khan get hitched this year? Munisha Khatwani has the answer!

There is one question which has always left the entire nation puzzled – when will actor Salman Khan get hitched? Well! we have it right here for you from celebrity tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani. Munisha, who is currently seen in the TV show Tantra, says that the actor might not get hitched this year.

“It’s difficult to know whether Salman Khan will get married or not, it’s a little dicey. His mangal is very strong this year so there is a chance. But the way his cards are supporting, I don’t think so he will get married. I think he likes his life without marriage, so according to that the decision of getting married is difficult,” she says.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan will also have a good year, says Munisha. “This year will be better for SRK. For the last two years, luck was not on his side and he was selecting the wrong scripts. He has some other problems but definitely this year after June it will be good for him,” she adds. Munisha’s predictions for Deepika Padukone which she had done few years back in Simi Gerewal show turned to be true and she is one of the sought after tarot card reader.

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