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With the end of Narcos season 3, ‘Daddy’ is the best fix you’ll get!

3 years ago, Netflix began telling the story of the biggest drug cartels in history. We were transported to Colombia in Medellin and Cali. Over 2 seasons, we formed a love hate relationship with Pablo Escobar, and when he finally died on the show, we were sad to see him go but glad to see him dead!

After the exit of such an explosive character, many doubted whether the next season would hold us or no. But when Netflix released the series online in September, we were taken in immediately!

The Cali Brothers, or ‘The Gentlemen of Cali’ intrigued us. Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez along with Pacho Herrera and Jose Santacruz took us on a wild ride with the car chases and shootings. The show is in Spanish and has done incredibly well in all countries despite language barriers.

Pedro Pascal, who portrays Javier Pena, was a favourite. His unrelenting pursuit and humility won us over and 3 seasons just doesn’t seem enough! The end showed that Pena was done, but ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ said that the show has been renewed for another 2 season AT LEAST. KEYWORD: AT LEAST.

But for now, we must wait for our favourite druglords for a year!

In the meantime, we must find a fix. Arjun Rampal brings us the perfect nicotine patch! His film ‘Daddy’ is all set to release on Sept 8, 2017. He plays Arun Gawli, a gangster turned politician (do we get an Escobar feel already). The trailer shows all the gun fights and car chases we need and promises to keep us at the edge of our seat!








Watch the trailer here!

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