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Zareen Khan overcomes Thalassophobia while shooting for Aksar 2!

Zareen Khan, who is set to surprise the audience and her fans with her next offering Aksar 2, believes in pushing her limits and trying out new things. Although the gorgeous actress is a big fan of adventure sports, she suffers from Thalassophobia. The word comes from the Greek Thalassa meaning sea or ocean and phobia means fear or dread.

A source says, “Some Thalassophobes might not be afraid of the sea per se; they are simply afraid of encountering sea creatures. Oceans are vast and relatively unexplored and people already suffering from anxiety disorders fear it due to its mysteries.”

However, it was during the shooting of her upcoming musical thriller Aksar 2 that she felt it’s time for her to face this fear and overcome it in the best way.
Putting up a brave effort, Zareen executed all underwater scenes shot in the exotic locales of Mauritius without any complaints, much to the surprise of the makers and her co-stars.

Zareen says, “I’m scared of large water bodies like sea or an ocean, so I was slightly skeptical to shoot for few underwater sequences. My feet touched weird things found on the sea bed and that experience was quite eerie.”
Presented by Siddhivinayak Creations, produced by Narendra Bajaj & Chirag Bajaj and directed by Ananth Mahadevan, the music of Aksar 2 is composed by Mithoon. The film also featuring Gautam Rode and Abhinav Shukla is scheduled to release on 6th October, 2017.

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