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REVIEW: 1917 – A Must Watch War Chronicle!!!

Director: Sam Mendes

Cast: George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman, Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Claire Duburcq, Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch.


Prakash Khetpal (Pk Verdict)

Sam Mendes takes us deep inside in the First World War of the year 1917. Not what caused it but what war does; separates the brotherhood. With the narrative that is simple and compels you with the execution you become the part of the story on celluloid. 1917 is that captivating and carries the emotion layered with bravery and doing what is right. Fight!

George Mackay and Dean Charles Chapman are stellar in their performances and one-liners they share bring in the right humor when the story emerges their chemistry at the beginning before they embark their journey carrying their message. They play British Soldiers Schofield & Blake. Their journey towards this war, their little triumph to the History, their mission of saving their soldiers who may fall under the trap laid by Germans is what makes 1917 interesting.

With the field telephone lines cut, there is no other option but to hand-deliver the required message to stop the attack and save the 1600 men that has Blake’s brother too. The duo begins their journey crossing the No Man’s Land and reach the abandoned German trenches. The sound direction and cinematography are to watch out for, here. The way these scenes are shot enthralls the mind making you sit at the edge of your seat. Whether Schofield & Blake accomplish the mission or not is something for you to watch out for.

1917 is beautifully shot mostly with extended single shots. Technically the film is at par, cinematography is commendable and so is the sound design. Sam Mendes direction and storytelling are simple and his treatment to deliver a war movie is different than what you would see in other films.
1917 lets you breathe through the emotions and wins your hearts.

PK Verdict: Gold**

Cinespeaks gives 4 stars.

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