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A short film dedicated by a daughter to her beloved father -“APPA” !

AN interview with Lakshmi Iyer the maker of “APPA” and Amit Behl who played the role of Lakshmi’s (APPA) father in the film –


Q.The title of your film says ‘APPA’ which means ‘father’ – is this something about father’s love towards his daughter or there is something more for the viewers to experience?

A. Well Appa as the title suggest means father in Tamil and I always believe the love of a father for a daughter is the best form of love ever yes it’s a bond beyond words it’s journey of an adopted daughter and a father break up bad marriage marital rape and more than that the support system of a father and. How he only looks for the happiness of his child.

Q.This film is based on your life and your journey how was it to recreate those hard times you had to go through in real life and putting them back into reel life?

A.It was not bad I have accepted my past and moved on and I have forgiven everyone in my life I believe in being positive the story is more of a message to raise a voice against abuse and taking a stand.

Q.You have done the direction part as well as writing the script and also done the acting –
while you were working behind the lens on the characters and giving them the shades they had in real life, what the challenges that you had to face during this ‘character development’?And
How was it directing other actors as well as acting at the same time?

A.I have always been a multitasking kinda person I like challenges so I did wear many hats direction producer-writer art director costumes actor but it was all because I knew I will do justice to my story I believe in giving my best in everything the crew was very supportive my

Ravichandran was awesome and became a support system and the cast stood by me Amit sir Abhey and Deepak we have become one family, In the end, I wish I could make people think about marital rape and how do we deal with abuse within a family.

Q. Anyone from the industry whom you consider as a father figure?

A.I want to thank my guru Suvo Das from Delhi for always being my father figure In the industry.

By Pramit Chakraborty.

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