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Aahana Kumra starrer film ‘Bawri Chhori’ gets a release date on Eros Now!

Valentines Day is around the corner with romance in the air. While you are deciding which films to binge-watch, we have a film that can make you Bawri on this special day with your loved ones. Well, you heard it right, Eros Now’s popular film ‘Bawri Chhori’ has finally got a release day! Aahana Kumra starrer ‘Bawri Chhori’, a quirky slice of life is all set to stream on Eros Now this Valentine’s Day.

‘Bawri Chhori’ narrates the story of a lady named Radhika who is on a quest to seek revenge against her worst partner. The story focuses on Radhika, who is searching for her husband in London. Desperate to find out the truth, Radhika sets off on a journey and arrives in London. With the perfect blend of comedy and drama, Bawri Chhori shall keep viewers entertained with its different twists and turns with an effective dose of humour.

‘Presenting a fresh perspective towards a life with its fascinating characters Bawri, Chhori will leave a lasting impression on the minds of viewers.

Bawri Chhori is all set to premiere on 14th February 2021, only on Eros Now!

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