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Ankitta Sharma gets candid about the role in Ishq Aaj Kal which is Spin-off from Ishq Subhanallah

Ankitta Sharma, who is part of the show Ishq Aaj Kal, talks about the project, why she loves her character and her experience of shooting with actor Angad Hasija.

What are the prominent shows you have done

 My prominent shows are Lajwanti on Zee Tv and Swabhiman on Colors. Before that, I did a show called Ticket To Bollywood and I was the winner of the show.

 What prompted you to take up this show?

 The content on the web has been doing really well. It’s the kind of content where you, as a viewer, can relate to. This really attracted me to it. But I was very conscious about taking up the right project. Hence, I waited after my last show. I have waited for like one year to take up something. I really wanted to step up in terms of the project I take up next. When Ishq Aaj Kal came my way and I heard the story, especially my character Alia’s part, I thought that this was something which was very different from what I’ve done before. I thought it will be a step up and more than that it’s a step into a new direction and a direction which is doing really well the web. So, I thought it was a very sensible show to take up. It’s interesting, it has a thrill, romance, etc. My character also has a lot of shades, which is very exciting as an actor. So I took it up.

 What is so special about your role Aaliya?

 The most special thing about Aaliya is that initially, she might come out as a regular girl, who is innocent, sweet and vulnerable but she is a lot more than all that. She is someone who can go to any extent to find out about her father and his death. She is also the kind of person who if you mess with, will show your place, basically, she knows how to give it back.

 How much you relate to it?

Actually, this is the first character with whom I cannot relate too much because I am not like Aaliya and that is what makes it very interesting. I really have to get into her shoes to be able to play her. The kind of words she uses, ghanta, bhasad and all…I am not the kind of person who uses these words. I really had to work hard on making it sound believable. So I couldn’t really relate much but that is what I find really exciting.

 The look is quite simple. How did you feel once you got into the character?

 The look is very interesting, she is a very simple girl. In terms of her look, she might look bechari and vulnerable but she is not. She is up to date. So yes, the look is very simple and that’s what I really like about her. Talking about how do I feel in the look, I always wanted to play a Muslim character and I finally got the chance to do so, so that makes me really happy. I find the hijab look very pretty.

 How is it working with Angad Hasija?

 Angad has been there for years and I have seen his shows especially Bidaai and it makes it very exciting thinking that I am working with someone who I admired on screen. I have watched him from the time I was in school but after working with him, I saw how humble he was. He is a very nice human being and that’s the best part about him.

Angad and you both are from Chandigarh so how does it feel to work with someone from your hometown?

 It feels great. I am the kind of Punjabi that if I meet a Punjabi, I get really happy. You connect with people more when you get to know that they are from your hometown, although I got to know this quite later. I did not know that Angad is from Punjab because he has been in Mumbai for years now but when I got to know that he is from my hometown, I got really excited, it made me feel so happy. One more thing is that we share the same birthday and that’s very interesting. We talk a lot in Punjabi also offshoot and that’s fun because I never got to do that.

 What do you think about the title Ishq Aaj Kal?

The title is great, it’s relatable. If I talk about the story, it’s of course about Ishq Aaj Kal but there is a lot more to the story than the title because it’s a thriller also. It’s about how interpersonal relationships are in today’s time, so there is much more to the story.

 How was the experience of shooting in Manali?

 It was serene. Earlier we were planning to shoot in Kerala and we were all very scared because it’s so hot here in Mumbai and we thought that because of the outdoor shoot, we will get a breather. But that would have not happened in Kerala. So, when we got to know that we would be shooting in Manali, we were pleasantly surprised because even the local people were saying it was colder than it is normally. We shot in 6 to 7 degrees. At times, I used to crib also about the cold but once I came back, I realized how good it was there. The property where we were shooting was beautiful, so the look of the show or the teaser of the show also shows that it is beautifully shot.

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