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Anushka’s special fan moment!


Anushka’s special fan moment!

Anushka Ranjan is thrilled with the response and the appreciation her work has been getting post the trailer launch of her debut film Wedding Pullav. But as producer duo Anu and Shashi Ranjan’s daughter steps into ‘famedom’ she reveals that all the ‘fame and attention’ she has been getting is yet to sink in! “That feeling hasn’t sunk in completely. Life is the usual or at least I try to take it as normally as I can, though I realize that people tend to stare and look at your face for longer now and I’m trying to getting used to it,” laughs Anushka.

Prod further and the young star shares that while the compliments coming from industry and family are great, the positive feedback coming from the public is equally special. “Recently at the Delhi airport when a co-passenger came up to me and asked me if I was the same actress in Wedding Pullav, I think that was when it kind of sunk in and to be honest I was so thrilled I even texted my sister. So, that was special, my first fan moment,” she smiles.

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