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Arhaan Behll was thrilled to play a jinn on-screen, says it was dark

In a career span of almost a decade, Arhaan Behll has played a variety of roles. The actor was last seen on the small screen in fantasy drama “Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Is” where he played the role of a jinn. He says it was quite thrilling to play the supernatural creature on-screen as it was quite dark and something he had not done before.

His character was called Kabir Junaid Khan and his stint in the show ended before the lockdown was announced in March 2020. The actor said, “I was playing Jinn in the show, and my part got over when the lockdown happened. My contract was till then only, and my role ended in March itself.” The “Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya” actor revealed that his portrayal of a jinn was very different from how jinns are perceived traditionally and that’s what attracted him to the role.
He said, “After playing a Rajput prince in ‘Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara’, I was looking for something new. Eventually, the role of Kabir Junaid Khan, a shape-shifting jinn, full of vengeance and pain was offered to me, which I accepted. What I liked about the role was that it was not a conventional jinn wearing harem pants with a long beard. In fact, it was a modern jinn, who looked dapper as well as mystical at the same time. It was a dark character, something that I had never played before.”

Expressing his views on reality show like “Bigg Boss”, he shared that it’s not his cup of tea as he doesn’t want people to intrude in his personal space. “I love watching the show but being a part of it is not imaginable at the moment for me. I’m a very different person off-camera. I don’t like anyone and everyone to peep in my personal space. There are so many cameras focusing on you 24 hours, while you sleep, eat or breathe, which is a little stressful. I love chilling out in my personal space,” he said.

Arhaan is currently enjoying some quality time with his family in his hometown. Sharing his lockdown experience, he revealed, “The lockdown has its positive and negative effects on everyone. But I found it quite productive. I got a chance to do whatever I had been missing due to the hectic schedule in Mumbai. I loved spending time with my parents and going out for drives with my friends, post lockdown. I read books, which were in my list.”

If you are familiar with his Instagram account, you might know that Arhaan plays guitar and while at home he is even organising jam sessions for friends and family. “Playing the guitar is like meditation for me. I find it magical, something that takes me to a different level. I have a small set-up at home and Jam sessions at home have been a constant practise in my life,” Arhaan signed off.

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