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Arjun Srivasstava: With Hello Mini 2 we’ve taken the darkness, psychological layers, horror a notch higher

After a much-talked-about season one, Hello Mini 2 is all geared up to enthrall the audience. This Arjun Srivasstava directorial is based on Novoneel Chakraborty’s The Stranger Trilogy. An excited Srivasstava is hopeful that the audience will shower the second season with much love like the first. Looking forward to the response, he promises that this time the ride will be no less exciting.

“It’s a very intriguing and fresh concept. It narrates the story of a girl, who is been stalked and her life seems to be in danger. However, as the story progresses, one realises that what the stalker is trying to do to Mini is probably not all that bad… It’s a psychological thriller that raises several questions and the mystery keeps you hooked. Novoneel’s sensibility is very different from the usual run-of-the-mill thrillers and it goes deep into the characters, it’s quite twisted and dark,” he says.

Srivasstava, who is known for editing projects such as P.O.W. Bandi Yuddh Ke, Baazaar, RejctX and Hasmukh, has interestingly, had edited the first season of Hello Mini. He is making his directorial debut with Hello Mini 2 that releases on February 26.

“In this season we’ve tried to take everything a notch higher, we’ve amped up the darkness, psychological layers, horror for the audience which I guess is a part of the journey of Rivannah as a character in the book as well. This concept of an extraordinary stalker in the psychological thriller space is a concept not been explored much in India,” adds Srivasstava talking about what sets the show apart.

Grateful that the team had believed in him and gave him this opportunity, the editor-director thanks filmmaker Goldie Behl for the guidance and help they provided.

“I’m grateful to everyone including Novoneel and team Applause for putting their belief and trust in my conviction. I just hope I have lived up to their expectations and my efforts would touch a chord with the audience. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about season two… positive feedback or constructive criticism, I’m here to learn and entertain,” he wraps up.

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