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You can love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him!

The housemates wake up to the song ‘My Name Is Lakhan’ and notice that their special guest – Imam is sleeping in the sky lounge trying to prove that he definitely stands out from the rest. Mandana tells Imam that she’s always played the game on her own and refuses to take Prince’s support to get ahead in the game. Priya notices that her tiger print jumpsuit is missing and says that she has doubts on Imam. Later, Imam is seen convincing Priya to change her look and turn into a fashionista. Mandana blames Rishabh for using inappropriate language while talking to the ladies in the house and they further get into an argument. Mandana goes to Imam and complains about Rishabh’s behaviour.

In the afternoon Bigg Boss introduces the ‘Kaun Imam’ task where the housemates have to ignore Imam while he has to get reactions out of them. The task brings out Imam’s crazy side to fore as he tries to instigate the housemates to react. Further, Imam begins to target the girls by blocking their space. He calls them names and also accuses everyone for being mentally sick. Imam tests Prince’s patience by teasing him as ‘nakli takli’. Later on, he blocks the living room door with chairs, sofas and tables so that the contestants in the garden area are unable to enter into the house. The task get crazy and wild as the contestants are hell bent on proving that they can ignore Imam and win the task.

The task comes to an end in the evening followed by a series of discussions. Rochelle is upset with Keith for lending his t-shirt to Mandana. Keith tells Rochelle that he gave it to Mandana because she wanted to style her look with it. But Rochelle seems unconvinced because she had gifted that t-shirt to Keith and it holds a lot of emotional value for her. Later, Mandana gets into the groove of impressing Imam by cooking for him and keeping him entertained with a conversation. Rishabh and Prince have a late night conversation about the ladies in the house when Rishabh asks Prince about his fantasies and love interests in the house. Rishabh teases Prince by saying that he always imaged of throwing a party where he is dancing with Yuvika while Prince has all his attention on Nora. Prince gets emotional while talking about Yuvika and is about to break down when Rishabh gives him a hug.

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