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Bhuvan Bam Gets Featured In Karan Johar’s Toodles Video

India’s most loved YouTuber has broken the internet yet again by bringing on stage surprise guest, filmmaker Karan Johar for a live act of ‘Titu Talks’.

Performing as his famous BB Ki Vines character ‘Titu Mama’, Bhuvan initiated a live ‘Titu Talks’ version with Karan Johar at the YouTube fan fest. As part of the act, Bhuvan made Karan call a friend up to say “Hi Titu Mama It’s Me!”  in classic Koffee With Karan format and the friend that Karan called up was none other than Varun Dhawan.

The Fanfest audience also got to witness the live making of the toodles video with Titu Mama and Karan Johar.

Bhuvan’s first episode of Titu Talks was shot with King Khan and it was followed up by a chat with Johnny Sins, the most famous star of the adult entertainment industry. This is the first time Bhuvan’s brainchild Titu Mama will be live on stage with his YouTube property ‘Titu Talks’ and it’s exciting to see how it pans out when two of the most talented and funny personalities collaborate on stage.

Bhuvan also recently won the Filmfare Award inthe short film- popular choice award category forPlus Minus and The Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards for ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ and ‘Viral content Creator’. The YTFF is on 30th March 2019 at Jio Garden BKC.

Toodles video link: https://bit.ly/2WH1alL

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