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Bigg Boss Prize Money now stands at 39,66,667!



Bigg Boss Prize Money now stands at 39,66,667!

When Bigg Boss gave the contestants a chance to reclaim their lost bags, excitement became a prominent emotion. Calling it the ‘Nilami Task’, Bigg Boss told them that the four contestants without their bags (Keith, Suyyash, Prince and Digangana) were required to bid for their bags. The minimum bid starts at Rs. 3 lakh and the total sum of the bids would get deducted from the total prize money.

Not understanding the task well, Suyyash, Prince and Digangana thought that the highest bidder would get their bags back. They went ahead and bid for their bags. Understanding that he should not bid for his bags because the prize money for all contestants would be important, Keith did not participate and wrote a big fat zero on his white board. While the other three received their bags back, Keith’s intelligence received everyone’s empathy for not having received his bags.

All hell broke lose when the housemates realised that the prize money now stands at Rs. 39,66,667!

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