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Bikas Ranjan Mishra Exclusively with Cinespeaks for Chauranga


“I was thinking of Satyajit Ray while shooting the film”.


Director Bikas Ranjan Mishra speaks in reference to his upcoming directorial venture Chauranga which shall release on the 8 the if January 2016. In an exclusive interview, he speaks about the movie.

Q : How was the experience during the making of the film?

Bikas: It was an amazing experience. The film is not an art house film wherein people are not able to engage with my characters. I have tried to make the film because it touched me and inspired me in a way. We want people to watch and understand the film.

Q : The film is for classes or masses ?

Bikas: This is my debut film so I don’t know about the market. I used to write reviews and was associated with the medium of the film so I can’t really say about this. The film is very engaging and intelligent.

Q : Is there any social message through this film ?

Bikas: The only effort through this movie is to make the audience relatable with the characters and understand their lives. There is no message in the verbal sense, but just through relativity with the characters.

Q: What is your opinion of box office?

Bikas: Since it is my debut film, I don’t know very much about the box office business, but it would be great to be a blockbuster. The investments should be gained back and the producers have produced the movie because they felt the movie to be shown to the audience.

Q : Since this is your debut film , did you face and difficulties ?

Bikas: I think finding the correct and right partners is always necessary for the smooth flow of the movie. Sanjay made the process smoother and Onir too did a very good job and was very supportive during the making.

Q : Tell us something about the shooting of the movies ?

Bikas: We shot the film in real locations without any sets. We shot at Shantiniketan in West Bengal and Orrisa. We shot in the house of the real dalits.

Q : Who is your role model directors ?

Bikas: I really like Satyajit Ray and was thinking about him during the making in Bengal. I really draw inspiration from Spanish filmmaker Louis Boonwell.

Q : How was the experience of working with Sanjay Suri ?

Bikas: We were very comfortable with each other and went to Paris, Goa also. He is a good actor and a very nice person.

Q: Some tips for aspiring filmmakers?

Bikas: Always be ready with your properly drafted script, it is very important. There are many other things like finding right collaborators etc.

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