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#CannesSpecial – Madhur Bhandarkar’s take on Indian cinema and the way forward!

Madhur Bhandarkar is a class apart when it comes to making off-beat and realistic cinema. Success wasn’t served in a platter to him and it’s even more far away when the first film, ‘Trishakti’ unfortunately bombs at the box office. 

But Madhur had to show to the industry what he is made of and then came up with the masterpiece, ‘Chandni Bar’ that changed his career and people’s perception towards him as a filmmaker. 

The film starred Tabu and Atul Kulkarni in eminent roles and even won the ‘National Award’. And since then, the spree of critical acclaims, hits, awards and recognitions continued. 

With movies like ‘AAN- Men at Work’, ‘Page 3’, ‘Traffic Signal’, ‘Fashion’ , ‘Heroine’ and ‘Indu Sarkar’, Madhur became one of the most prestigious directors the film industry has had. Awards and recognitions came in from all corners and so did the respect from different parts of the world and rightfully so.

Recognitions like ‘Padma Shri’ which is the 4th highest civilian award was finally given to him in 2016 and very recently in 2019, he became a recipient of the Filmfare Middle East (Muscat) Award for ‘Path Breaking Direction in Indian Cinema’. 

Bhandarkar was recently seen attending  the 72nd Cannes Film Festival at The Indian Pavillion where he discussed various aspects of Indian Cinema and it’s global prospects in the world market. 

Madhur put forward his valuable insight on the subject and spoke about the importance of having better content in Indian movies so as to represent Indian movies at well-known film festivals like Cannes. He also highlighted names of legendary filmmakers like Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak and spoke about the importance of having content of that standard in Indian movies today so as to make Indian films have more appeal in a distinguished film festival like the Cannes Film Festival. 

Bhandarkar also engaged in a conversation with fellow Director, Rahul Rawail and the duo also spoke at length about the importance of regional cinema and it’s quality as well. 

We sincerely hope that as Mr. Bhandarkar pointed out, we have Indian movies going out to the Cannes to represent India at a global stage really soon. 


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