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Charu Mehra on BCL: We have been practising every day for three hours, will win for sure!

Actor Charu Mehra is excited about this year’s BCL and says that the team- Chennai Swaggers  is working hard to succeed this year.

1. Since how many years you are playing BCL?
I have been part of BCL for the last 3 years.

2. Which position you will play -allrounder? Bowler, Batsman?
•I am an all-rounder.

3. Do you watch cricket matches as well?
•I love watching cricket matches, but I get time to watch only the finals.

4. Which is your favourite Test matches, One day or T20 matches?
•One day matches.

5. This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of
India this time?

•I am hoping for the best. It should be a positive outcome this year.

6. How you are preparing for BCL?
•I have been practising almost every day for three hours. We are determined to win for sure!

7. BCL is a perfect combination of glamour and entertainment what is
your take on that.

•It certainly is salt, sugar and pepper together! But I guess that’s what makes it BCL.

8. BCL is famous for controversies. What is your take on that?
•I think where so many people come together, controversies are meant to happen.

9. The youth loved BCL last year on MTV. The youth audiences loved it. Comment.
•I think it’s the perfect channel for a show like this… “Yaha dal
fry nahi hoti, dal mei tadka lagta hai.” And the youth loves it.

10. What are your expectations from BCL this year?
•More ratings for sure! I am sure people will love it much more than they did last year.

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