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#CheckOut – “You are disgusting..” -Paresh Rawal gives the perfect reply to shut this journalist on Pulwama Attack issue!

The Pulwama attacks yesterday on the day of Valentine’s Day which is regarded as the day of love and peace throughout the world had something miserable in store for Indians as 44 CRPF jawans were martyred in Pulwama area of Kashmir while bravely fighting Pakistani terrorists. 
The entire country mourned the death of the CRPF jawans and condemned the attack and sent out condolences to the families of the lives lost. Pak organization ‘Jaish e Md’ took responsibility for the attack. 
While the entire country including personalities from different spheres of the country be it politics, sports, Bollywood and media mourned the deaths, this one lady seemed to politicize the attack instead of condemning the attacks.  The lady is none other than Journalist and Author, Sagarika Ghose. 
In her attempt to satiate her quench by blaming the current BJP Government, she tweeted – 
“Pathankot, Uri, CRPF India’s hardest targets have been hit while a hopeless directionless  government trumpets videos of its so called surgical strikes and stages mythological shows with religious symbolism and pours communal poison. Get real! #Pulwama.”

This didn’t go down too well with Twitteratis and they decided to slam her for her attempt to politicize the issue.. But among those many Twitteratis, actor Paresh Rawal is one of them too.. 
Paresh Rawal who is a BJP MP was quick to respond to her and surely made sense with every word of his there. He tweeted in reply –
” Wow you are disgusting!with so much of vile bile and venom you grow fangs and that will complete you !!! Instead of condemning the attack you chose to politicise it ! “

Well at a crucial time like this when the entire Nation’s peace has hit a rock bottom, it is extremely important for Indins to stay united against a common force rather than enforcing any cheap political and mudslinging game into play. 
We at CineSpeaks condemn the Pulwama attacks and our condolences go to the families of the lives lost. 

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