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Comic Drawing At Artiste 360

One of the most underrated mediums of art is Comic Drawing. With advent of technology this has become even lesser human. Yet, we see DC Comics breaking records after records of sale and Japanese Manga achieving a special place in the film and artworld. Now what makes these unique and timeless is sheer efforts and respect for the medium. One such aspect is the efficiency of such comics at making anything new known and learnt. They also have a power of critique through satire. So, indulging in them is your first encounter with them and learning from them is what you end up doing. 
We, at Artiste 360 recognise the strength of this art-form and hence we work hard to give proper training to all those who are inclined towards it. In this petit course of 4 sessions, we teach you the knacks of crafting a story, basic cartooning and panelling your story through 4 strips. This certainly isn’t as easy as it seems and many reputed cartoonists have spent hours of disciplined work to get hold of this artform. What we do for you is we set you off with the best of our expertise so that your fundamentals are strengthened once and for all. 
Mr. Abhijeet Kini, an awardee of Comic Con India, who works with leading newspapers and magazines like Times of India, Hindustan Times, National Geographic Traveller etc. is no less than the best that we boast of having as our faculty. He has put two decades of experience of drawing for newspapers, not to mention publishing his own comic books. So, a word from this stalwart will serve you like a guideline for the length of your career. 
Artiste 360 is a generation Z art school. We have touched upon more than 2000 students over the course of time, engaging ourselves in art and social service. We train artists coming from all walks of life. Training which is crucial in art and has been ignored for years has been put to the centre, thanks to our founder Mrs. Tarang Jain. We train, we sensitize and we encourage art. When it comes to artforms, we literally don’t leave any stone unturned. So come learn the art form that touches your soul and we are just a second away. 
Apart from Comic Drawing, we also have courses on Watercolor Painting, Graphic Design, String Art, Video Editing, Actuality Filmmaking, Acrylic Painting, Introduction to Architecture, Portrait Studies, Zine, Creative Thinking etc.  

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Contact us at- 9321684446 (Imran)
Write us at – info@artiste360.com
Visit us on – www.artiste360.com

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