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Creative Eye Limited launched “Shree Ganesh” on Epic Channel.


Creative Eye Limited launched “Shree Ganesh” on Epic Channel.


“Shree Ganesh” on “Epic Channel”. Creative Eye Limited’s

Prestigious Mythological mega project “Shree Ganesh” which

have created History in its first release shall be telecast on “Epic

Channel” from Monday to Friday, 5 days a week at 5 pm to be

repeated next day at 9 am.

The Producer Zuby Kochhar and the Director Dheeraj Kumar are

more than happy because Shree Ganesh have commenced it

telecast on the most auspicious “Ganesh Chaturthi” on 17th

September,2015 , which is the first day of “Lord Ganesh’s” arrival

this year in Ganesh Bhakta’s home. The divinity of Lord Ganesh

have been presented in most authentic form in various stories in

this serial. It is interesting to note the co-incident of “Shree

Ganesh” telecast, sheer blessings of Lord Ganesh during Ganpati

Festival in Maharashtra.

The makers are fully obligated to “Shree Ganesh” as there

efforts of narrating the Mahima of Ganesh through this mega opus

shall be witnessed to global viewers through “Epic Channel”.

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