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Did you know Aniruddh Dave is from Theatre background?

Aniruddh Dave is from theatre background. He still remembers his first experience on stage. Talking about it, he says, “I started doing theatre at a very young age in Jaipur. I have also participated in the International theatre festival called Bhartiya Rang Mahotsav, that is organized by National School of Drama, where I got to know more about it,” he says.

Talking about the play closest to his heart, he says, “I did a play based on a Japanese film Rashomon, which has been my favourite since my National School of Drama days. It was a great experience.”

Theatre has always been a big part of his career and he has learnt so much from it. “For a play, you need to have that dedication and discipline and I try to maintain that on the sets of my television show too. I have learned so much from the theatre,” he says.

He adds, “Someone who has come from a theatre background, has done all the hard work and homework to get into acting. He or she knows the details and nuances of acting. Then it becomes a plus point for them. Theatre actors are incomparable in terms of acting aesthetics and they would stand out from the crowd in front of the camera always.”

The actor urges people to go watch plays. “It’s important that more and more people watch plays today. Theatre has faded I think because people only go to watch plays starring big artists. Lately, people have been inclined more towards films, even though there are production houses who are making good plays. Recently, I have been in touch with Satish Kaushik and Rakesh Bedi and the kind of plays they do are the ones keeping theatre alive,” he says. 4 AttachmentsDownload as Zip

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