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Delnaaz Irani organized a get-together to mark the success of her chat show ‘Real Women, Big Stories With Delnaaz Irani’

The idea of doing a chat show on YouTube came to Delnaaz Irani when India was in lockdown last year. After much research and discussion, the actor decided to have women achievers from all walks of life on her show “Real Women, Big Stories With Delnaaz Irani”. Her friend, DJ Percy, also liked the concept and encouraged her.

“I didn’t want to do any of those typical run-of-the-mill shows. So I started developing the concept. My search for real-life achievers who fought all odds and came out of it also began. The thought process was she could be anyone, a doctor, engineer, teacher, singer, dancer or a homemaker,” says the actor, who has done TV shows and films such as Shararat, Karam Apnaa Apnaa, and Choti Sarrdaarni, and Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003) and Ra.One (2011) respectively.

Basking in the happiness of a successful first season, Irani confesses that she never expected her show would receive so much love. The actor has already started working on the next season.

“Initially I was skeptical because it is all about real women and not celebrities. Even if a celebrity sneezes that becomes news, but that doesn’t happen with ordinary people. So I was shocked and overjoyed at the same time when I found out that my channel is doing well. People are interested in watching real stories. I have also got several messages and DMs from fans on social media saying how much they enjoyed watching the show,” she adds.

Highlighting how they fought the dark phase, the first season of the show had choreographer turned filmmaker Seema Desai, doctor and nutritionist Riya Banerjee Ankola, Aban Patel, a seventy-year-old grandmother, Jessie Xavier, a cancer survivor, and Jasmin Mistry, as guests.

Ask her about guests expected in season 2 and Irani replies, “At the moment I can’t say much or else it would spoil the suspense. But of course this time too the viewers won’t be disappointed,” she ends.

Delnaaz marked the closing of season 1 with a get-together of women who were part of the chat show. All the women of substance were present except Ria who couldn’t make it and was missed. A scrumptious cake was cut too.

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