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“Despite not having done movies in the last 11 years, I feel I am relevant in today’s time and generation.” – Shilpa Shetty

She is the true blue icon of fitness in true sense of the term. Her workout videos and her expertise in the art form of yoga is something everyone looks upto to learn a thing or two. A professional who is so disciplined with her fitness that despite being busy with 100 things, she makes time for her fitness regime and continues to inspire millions. She is none other than Shilpa Shetty. As ‘International Yoga Day’ approaches, Shilpa gets entirely into candid mode with CineSpeaks and shares her thoughts and ideas on work, fitness, food habits, yoga and a lot more…..

Q) What do you have to say on having been a catalyst when it comes to creating awareness about yoga?

Shilpa – Well, I am glad I am doing it or if I have been able to do it. Yoga is extremely important and I feel health is really undervalued in our country, something which the westerners don’t at all. They pay full attention to their health and we should do the same. I am glad I am able to play a catalyst that way.

Q) Age seems to be just a number for you. Do you credit yoga for it?

Shilpa – 100%. Totally. Yoga is a proven mechanism when it comes to comes to reversing signs of ageing or atleast stopping it. That’s for sure. I definitely give Yoga a lot of credit for this.

Q) Has it changed you as a person in some way or the other?

Shilpa – It has. It has made me more energetic and flexible and most importantly positive. I feel this is how I want to take it forward and continue to create awareness when it comes to the importance of fitness. It has made me positive and powerful. Despite not having done movies in the last 11 years, I feel I am relevant in today’s time and generation. Hence, I will use this as my weapon to move forward in bringing about good health.

Q) Has your son taken to Yoga yet?

Shilpa – Yes he is already into yoga and I am really glad that he is.

Q) How do you manage to workout amidst your tight schedule?

Shilpa – I don’t know.. It goes all busy throughout the day but yeah, I do meditate at the end of the day. I breathe which is so important… I am looking forward to learning advanced yoga and also I do a lot of mechanical training. So yeah these things.

Q) What about the diet? How do you manage that?

Shilpa – Well I have a very strict diet. I eat very limited. It is important that your diet compliments your fitness regime.. But for me, sunday is an exception.. I don’t follow anything on Sunday. I don’t care who thinks what but on Sundays, I just gobble everything. (Laughs)

Q) What is your favorite cheat meal?

Shilpa – I love hot and crispy jalebis. Then hot gulab jamuns are my favorite too.. Malai Kulfi etc. Yummmm. (Blushes)

Q) And what about pakoda in the form of snacks?

Shilpa – In my house all types of pakodas are made.. ‘Bhindi ke pakode’, ‘Cauliflower ke pakode’, ‘Ajwain leaf pakode’. I love them genuinely and you will find all the types in my house being made. (Hahaha)

Q) Is there anything that you totally abstain from eating?

Shilpa – Yes white sugar. I use the coconut sugar and it’s available everywhere in the market. That’s better for overall health.

Q) Any message for the ones who don’t do yoga or workout?

Shilpa – Start doing so as soon as possible. The mistake which most people make is that they start taking care of their health after an ailment. Do wait for that and start now.. It is important and health should not be undervalued.

Q) Anything special you want to learn apart from Advanced Yoga?

Shilpa – The back flip. Yes.. I always wanted to do it and I want to learn it really.

Q) What about movies? You want to do a film?

Shilpa – I am already running so busy without doing a film. But yes, I would want to do a film.

Q) What is your favorite genre of movies?

Shilpa – Thrillers.. They intrigue me the most.


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