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Dr. Himanshu Mehta on interviewing BK Shivani: She is very practical about life

Renowned Mumbai-based eye surgeon Dr Himanshu Mehta, whose live talk show Mirror, Wisdom, Reflective has been getting a great response, interviewed spiritual teacher in the Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement in India BK Shivani. He says that it was a pleasure meeting and interacting with her. “BK Shivani was very clear and sharp and crisp answers. She is also very practical about life. She never said you should renunciate the world. How can you stay cool despite working in your day-to-day lives. I have heard her in the past too. I am quite close to the Brahma Kumari family… I treat a lot of these Brahma Kumari senior people from across the world,” he says.

Talking about his own philosophy of life, Dr Himanshu says, “There are multiple things at multiple times. It has to have humane values of life. Giving more and expecting less. Learning medical science and other things in life. Always keeping your mind open. I like doing multiple things in life. I am learning music too, vocal and instrumental.”

He urges everyone to come and enjoy his talk show. “Come, watch, enjoy those 60 minutes, see some of the best minds speaking their life, their fortune, misfortune, hard work, dedication and determination. All the guests are absolute leaders in their field and this will help you understand why they are where they are,” he says.

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