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Dr. Jogender Singh: You need vision and clarity to become a producer

Producer Jogender Singh, who made his production debut in 2019 with the film P Se Pyaar F Se Faraar, says he has learnt a lot from the project. He adds that he has evolved as a producer and is now more involved in his projects. “It was a different experience for me as it was my first film and I learned a lot as a producer from that project. I remember, during the initial days, I was not getting too involved with what is going on the floor. I was just interested in doing my work but now I am interested in other aspects of filmmaking also like direction, scriptwriting and other pre-production things,” he says.

Ask him what are the qualities of a good producer, and he says, “I think you need vision and clarity of what you want to make. Without a vision, you can’t do anything and as a director and producer, you should be very clear about what you want to show your audiences. My first film’s concept was regarding teaching. I wanted the audience to see and learn something.”

The producer says that lot of changed after the lockdown. “Post the lockdown, there have been many changes in the industry. The working manner has changed and now the scenario is very different. OTT has now grown a lot and people want to just sit at home and see something new on the phone. Web series, as a medium of entertainment, is also performing very well and this is the beginning of a new era, the digital era,” he says.

He is all set to release his next film Hawayein soon. “Our film is almost done and we have nothing to shoot now. We are working on the post-production part,” he says, adding, “Now, we are planning to shoot one short film and we are at the initial stage. But shooting in this new normal will be very different as compared to before because the fear of Coronavirus is still there and we need to be very careful,” he says.

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