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Ekta Kapoor Sides With Priyank Sharma, Rubbishes Rumors

Television’s quintessential chocolate boy, model & actor Priyank Sharma has definitely attracted some envious haters after his recent success with the web-show Punch Beat produced by TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor.

While rumors have been floating without any evidence regarding Priyank lately, this time around the rumors went completely nasty about the reasons behind why Priyank didn’t host Box Cricket League. Out of thin air false accusations came out on Priyank about lying to the television queen and turning down Box Cricket League. However, it looks like both Priyank and Ekta seem to be on the same page, and there seem to be haters who are cooking up news!

Ekta herself came to his rescue & cleared the air with one sassy tweet.

Ekta Kapoor tweeted the false article with a sly monosyllable ‘No’ & further added ‘But the no is the story’, thus dismissing the entire story in her usual sassy style.

Priyank too went to his social media and posted a positive note for Ekta….

Looks like all is well between Ekta and Priyank! And what’s more Priyank who seems to have remained quiet all this time took to his social media talking about spreading positivity and we must say we are on your side Priyank!

Lets all just keep it happy and positive!

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