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Every human being has sixth sense they just need to trust it, says Akash Makhija

Do you believe in your sixth sense or intuition? Maybe yes, maybe no. But Akash Makhija aka Alaukik Awasthi from the Sony Entertainment Television’s Sargam Ki sadhe Satii, urges you to trust your intuition as it never lies.
Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii is a show based on situational comedy, creative concepts, and storyline.
In the upcoming episode of sitcom audience will see Alaukik vibes that are so strong as what he says certainly happens. He senses every situation with his sixth sense and predicts what would happen in the near future. It will be intriguing yet entertaining to watch this on-screens.
While talking about Alaukik vibes Akash Makhija says, “I believe just like Alaukik, everyone has a sixth sense through which they can feel the positive and negative vibes. We just need to learn to tap into and trust it. A vibe for me is instinct; being an actor I have given so many auditions and most of the time I feel that I will crack this audition and it certainly happens.
He further added, “Those instincts and vibes come with the help of God’s grace which only works when you also believe in yourself. So I feel that the sixth sense is the healing systems that help us survive internal threats.”

Watch Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii on Sony Entertainment Television at 10:30 pm every Monday to Friday

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