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EXCLUSIVE: Amar Kaushik: Climax Confusion of Kaushik’s “Stree” leads to its sequel???


Amar Kaushik’s directorial debut, ‘Stree’ starring Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead has hit the viewer’s eyeballs. The theaters witnessed huge noise of laughter and applauds during the film. Stree got an overwhelming response from the viewers. The film minted a whooping amount of 6.82 crores on day 1 and 10.87 crores on day 2 which makes an impressive total of 17.69 crores in two days. The film is doing really well in terms of box office number despite clashing with YPD 3.
Besides having great humor and creating a horrific environment, Stree also leaves a question mark in minds of the viewers. The climax scene received huge applauds and appreciation. But it also seems to be an incomplete end. The ending sequence was not crystal clear to its viewers. There were several questions raised in the minds of the audience.
Cinespeaks was curious to understand the director’s point of view with respect to its climax. With the feeling of high curiosity in our minds, we had an exclusive conversation with Amar Kaushik, the director of the film.
In a conversation, Kaushik exclusively reveals that, “The film seems to be incomplete as it is incomplete yet. We have a huge plan on our way. We purposely ended the film with such a confusing climax as it is we’re going to make a sequel of the film very soon. There are no loop holes in the film. We’ve made the film in such a way that while watching the film, audience will have a question mark in their minds. Those questions will be answered in the sequel of the film. We shall let everyone know about it very soon.”
So isn’t that exciting? There’s a pre-planned sequel of the film. After such an overwhelming response it is crystal clear that we will witness this amazing trio of Rajkumar, Shraddha and Pankaj on-screen very soon.

Written by: Aakash Gala


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