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Exclusive interaction with Suyyash Rai on his elimination from Bigg Boss house.


“There is no truth in Prince and Nora kissing on the show”.

Cinespeaks EXCLUSIVE : Suyyash Rai exclusively on Cinespeaks after his eviction from the TV show Bigg Boss 9

Suyyash Rai speaks exclusively with Cinespeaks on his recent elimination from the Television show Bigg Boss 9.

Q : Did you expect your elimination from the Bigg Boss house?

Suyyash : I knew one day I had to get eliminated so it wasn’t a surprise for me. I was prepared for my elimination since it is the nature of the game. I did expect that I will get eliminated before Kishwer.

Q : How has been your journey in the Bigg Boss house?

Suyyash : It has been a great experience and I enjoyed every single day in the Bigg Boss house. I saw life from a different angle and have become more patient now. I have no regrets about anything and it was a learning curve by participating in the show.

Q : How did you find Salman Khan on the show?

Suyyash: It was a great sharing stage with Salman Khan and he is a wonderful person. He is the driver of the bus. It was a good experience working with him.

Q : Who do you think was being fake on the show?

Suyyash : I feel Rishab and Mandana are not real and I had arguments with both of them. During the Rickshaw task, the arguments were on a light note but I got angry when she was not accepting her mistake. She went to have a physical fight with Kishwer which I did not like at all and I later apologized for my words when Salman sir explained me about my behavior. I was very comfortable with Keith and Prince on the show.

Q : What do you have to say about Rishab Sinha’s remark of calling you Garibon Ka Adhyayan Suman?

Suyyash : Rishab used to say a lot of such things in the house as well, but I really don’t care about his remarks. This shows his mentality and his level. He should at least think about the person he is utilizing in his statements. His actions and behavior with a lot of girls was completely not acceptable, but it wasn’t aired on the television.

Q : Who do you think has higher chances of winning the show?

Suyyash : I feel Kishwer has played the entire game extremely well and can win the show. Prince too is equally capable to be the final winner.

Q : Do you think your relationship with Kishwer has affected because of the show?

Suyyash: Our relationship has grown closer and has become more better. I got to understand her even more through the various tasks and situations. We got to know each other very well and our equation has become stronger and better now. We did not fight at all on the show.

Q : What do you have to say about Prince and Nora’s speculations about they kissing on the show?

Suyyash : It is not true and I can commit on this since I was physically present in the room. Prince was just whispering into Nora’s ears because somebody came into the room at that time. It was just the work of those cameras since it was taken from a different angle. There is no truth in they kissing on the show.

Q : What are your upcoming projects?

Suyyash : I will be playing the BCL (Box Cricket League) soon since I have committed to it. I haven’t thought of venturing into films as of now, but shall go ahead with it if everything works out well.

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