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Exclusive Interview: Director Syed Ahmed Afzal talks about his upcoming movie Baaraat Company

Speaking about his upcoming movie Baaraat Company, the director of the film opened about many aspects of the film in an exclusive interview with Cinespeaks. Talking about how the concept came to him, he said, “The concept was given to me by the produces and I was so impressed. They had this first draft and we worked on them completely. We made a new shooting draft. It’s a slightly off tangent romantic comedy. I don’t want to stick on any genre. It’s a romantic comedy but not a regular one. It’s not entirely focusing on the main characters but also other ones characters; there is a certain amount of wildness and craziness to it which makes it different than other romantic movie.”

“The quirkiness of the character is what is different. Someone runs a company which has been inherited from his father. They take the guarantee that the two- Bride and Groom will be present in the mandap. Also the difference between the old and new Lucknow is what makes the film unique,” he further adds.

Commenting on the characterizarion of the film, he reveled, “I had to choose according to the character which would justify the roles given to them. People from different corners from India has come together for this film, actors from different theatre, Bhopal, Lucknow, Mumbai and lot more. There is variety in their acting also. The movie has an amalgamation of their acting which creates something very fresh.”

Talking about comedy films, he said, “My motive was to make a clean entertainer, it also conveys a message. My goal is to entertain but along with that if it gives a message, that’s a cherry on the cake. Comedy is the most difficult thing to create. To make someone laugh is very difficult to achieve. We tried our level best to keep it very real. The simplicity of the characters will make the youth relate to it.”

Talking about expectations from the film, he said, “My expectations are that the movie cut across all boundaries and give us that feedback it is loved all across the nation. It is very much Indian at heart. Even though it is a faceoff between old ideologies and new ones, it would make the best of both the worlds.”

Transcribed By – Paridhi Tripathi

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