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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Madhurima Tuli: You have to speak for yourself if you don’t want to fall under the wrong light

Madhurima Tuli who was a wild card entry at the Bigg Boss house recently got evicted after things turned bad inside the house. Read on the interview to know more about her experience inside this dramatic house and her relationships with fellow contestants.

Q. How was your experience inside the Bigg Boss house?

Madhurima: I lived there for 2 and a half months, it has been fun and very interesting. But the end got a little twisted. The thing got raised to a high level and it happens that someone instigates you so much that your hand rises up. So that happened with me. I regret that I had to come out because of that. But now it is done, can’t do anything about it.

Q. You have faced lots of ups and down in this journey, how do you look at it?

Madhurima: When I entered the house, people said I do nothing so I was getting nominated for elimination because of it but later when I did something, people had problems with that also. So everyone will have problems with everything. When there was an issue with my sleeping, I slept for lesser time but I had gotten that tag. Now if you are also doing that then you should not point it out on others. But this happens in that house just to prove others wrong. So because of that, it is necessary that you voice out for yourself so that you don’t come under the wrong light. If you stay quiet, you will be proved wrong. You have to take a stand but sometimes it graduates into a fight but that is also important otherwise you will be pulled down.

Q. Audience feel that you have anger issues which also lead to your coming out from the house. Do you agree to this?

Madhurima: I definitely have anger issues, I am short tempered. But the way I was being nominated a lot of times, the way I was poked about sleeping and instigated, all that brought in more anger and it is very normal. Others also get angry but I was the target because I was a wild card entry. They were trying to corner me but that wasn’t happening. If I had been cornered or become weak then maybe people would have supported me but I took my own stand and was strong enough and voiced out. I was just being myself and being strong. If you are telling me that I am sleeping a lot then tell that to others as well who are sleeping. I was new there so I will do what I see because I don’t know what happens here the whole time. So tell this to others also who are living there before I came in. You cannot just blame it on me.

Q. Don’t you think hitting someone with a pan after they threw water on you was a bit much?

Madhurima: My anger got built up as the time passed. It was already inside because something or other happened every now and then. And he threw water right on my face even after Bigg Boss asked him to stop. He should’ve stopped after 2 warnings but he didn’t then it triggered me and I couldn’t control it. Already a lot of things had happened with me so I was not able to resist it and I raised my hand.

Q. Salman Khan evicted you by saying a very rarely used sentence, did you feel bad about it?

Madhurima: No, honestly I did not feel bad. He sent me out by making me understand few things. He definitely asked me to leave his home but also said that humans do make mistakes but try to not repeat these mistakes once you are out and hold your head high and walk out of the house. I have not taken it in a wrong way because he said he said that this can happen with anyone if they are instigated so much. It happens between friends also, it is normal. But here this happened on national TV and people are seeing it and that is why it became a big issue.

Q. You had a good relation with Vishal Aditya Singh but then it turned completely opposite. Why so? What is the status now?

Madhurima: It’s dead right now. I loved him and I wanted to get back and be together and that’s where I lacked. I should have left it there itself. If you pull something too much then it breaks off. So if I would have stopped myself there then this time wouldn’t have come. But he also reciprocated. Sometimes he showed loved but sometimes he insulted. I couldn’t understand it. He asked me to not keep any expectations but he himself did keep them. So he was very confused and he was making me also very confused. I was mentally not getting that peace. So it became a love-hate relationship. I couldn’t understand that if I should pay attention to this thing or play game.

Q. Siddharth Shukla created very cute and light moments with you. How did you find it?

Madhurima: It was fun. Vishal didn’t like it and was getting jealous. So he created a chaos about this also. But definitely I was enjoying it because Siddharth thought that I was feeling left out and we shared that bond where he created such fun moments. Even audience enjoyed it.

Q. Do you find Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma’s relation fake?

Madhurima: At least they are there for each other when someone says something to them. Now fights have started between them also. Mahira thinks she has reached on that position all because of herself but it is because of both of their support. So when ego comes in between, everything messes up. I don’t know what happened exactly when Salman Khan shouted at them, I was eliminated by then.

Q. Who do you considered to be the most closest to you inside the house?

Madhurima: I had a good bond with Rashami Desai but then she chose Vishal over me. But I am sure our bond would still be okay once she is out because nothing major happened between us. Shehnaz Gill is also very cute and nice. Siddharth is also fun, he tried to not make me feel left out so that was nice. Asim Riaz is also great.

Q. Whom do you see in top 3?

Madhurima: I see Siddharth, Asim and someone from Rashami or Shehnaz.

Q. Any message for the fans?

Madhurima: Thank you for all the love and support. I am really sorry for what I did. I am ashamed oF my misdeeds. I will try to not behave similarly in future.


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