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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: SHEFALI JARIWALA: It was important for me to take a stand for myself, everyone in this season is very competitive

Shefali Jariwala, a Bollywood actress, got evicted from Bigg Boss 13. Take a look at the interview to know about her experience inside the world of Bigg Boss.

Q. How was your Bigg Boss journey? Were you shocked were you got eviction?

Shefali: My journey has been great. There were many highs and lows, it was eventful. I had predicted that my eviction would be unpredictable. But it is sad because I got evicted at such moment. Although, I am taking it positively. Whatever happened was for the best. Atmosphere inside the house was becoming worse and I came out with dignity. Don’t know whether if I would have been able to maintain in the coming week so or not.

Q. You had a great bond with Asim. What happened to that bond? Did he flip?

Shefali: There are a lot of people inside the house who flip. Asim flipped on Sidharth for the very first time, this happened when me and Himanshi entered the house. He was looking for an alliance which he found in me. I genuinely found him as a good person and he is misunderstood in the house. As soon as Himanshi got eliminated, he changed his behavior towards me but I had promised Himanshi that I would take care of him. But his misdeeds started rising so much that it hurt my self-respect. Here it was important for me to take a stand for myself and that is why I broke off my friendship with him.

Q. Himanshi is your great friend and you have seen a different version of Asim so would you give any advice to her about him?

Shefali: I agree that Himanshi is a smart person and she takes her decisions wisely. She is seeing the things same as me but I am not going to do any moral policing. Everyone has to take their own decisions. I would only advise her that, I really love her and whatever step you take next please take it wisely.

Q. Do you think Asim’s behavior towards Parag was his strategy or this is his real nature?

Shefali: I think this is his real nature. For how long can someone wear a mask? He isn’t that Asim whom I considered as my friend. I can never be friends with such a person. He is very arrogant and misbehaves a lot. And he keeps proving this by his acts. His behavior towards Parag’s wife was not tolerated by Parag which is very valid.

Q. You and Sidharth had a great bond, you supported each other. There is a lot of aggression from his side now a days. Do you think it is related to Shehnaaz?

Shefali: There are a lot of things together. Everyone’s patience level has come down, Asim’s poking has increased plus the flip that Shehnaaz has done has hurt him. So there are a lot of reasons together because of which he is losing his temper.

Q. This season saw a lot of cancellation of tasks, what was the reason behind it?

Shefali: I have always tried to do the task with my 100%. But everyone in this season is very competitive. But during the tasks, they lose their temper which is not safe so out of concerned, Bigg Boss cancelled a lot of tasks. There are also some people who have a strategy of cancelling the task. Some tasks are getting cancelled due to aggression also.

Q. What is fixed deposit, as said in Mahira’s language?

Shefali: I had a conversation about this a month back but I didn’t make a big scene about it because I don’t believe in it. But this Asim spoke it out for Aarti and nothing good is coming out of his mouth lately so it is quite obvious that people will interpret it in a wrong way only. But it is debatable also, everyone interprets it in their own way. I advised Aarti to clear it out with Reshmi itself. But since 2-3 weeks even she is over reacting a bit. Game is on such a point now that everyone is exhausted.

Q. Who do you see in top 3?

Shefali: Sidharth definitely, Shehnaaz and Asim because no matter how much I dislike him, people still like him.


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