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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: YASH: I got the films because of popularity gained through TV so I should thankful to both theater and TV for giving me that opportunity

Rocking Star Yash speaks Exclusively with Cinespeaks on his upcoming film KGF .. He shares his experience and speaks on his Yasho Marga Foundation which he started for water crisis .. Prashanth Neel Shri Nidhi.

Q. What kind of response did you get after the launch of trailer of KGF?
I am really happy that people liked the trailer. It feels really nice. We are working on this film since past two years and we believed that this is a wonderful product. It has come out really well. The trailer has generated a lot of interest in people, so I am really happy about it.

Q. What is the exact meaning of KGF?
KGF stand for Kolar Gold Fields, the story is based on mining. That is why we have named it as KGF.

Q. Is it true that the story and few lines are derived from the 17,000 years back?
No actually, we released a teaser Kannada, there was a dialogue which meant there is a history of 17,000 years of war but the world only remembers two kinds of people, one who creates fear and other who abolishes that fear. So its not about an incident that happened 17,000 years ago, its only a dialogue.

Q. What kind of hard work you had to put for your role?
Hard work is required in every movie by an actor. But here, where we were shooting a portion in mines, a little more work was required there. But that is okay, as an actor its your duty to do hard work and that is what we are paid for. When you love what you are doing, you do all all the required hard work.

Q. What attracted you to this script?
The director has worked a lot on this film, he made it huge and big so I was involved in the whole process so I can’t point out any one thing. The only thing in my minds that resides always that the audience who watch my work and liking it. So, that is the reason that I said yes to this film.

Q. What are you views about the songs and the music in the film?
Music has come out really well. It has a kind of an epic touch to it. It all very situational and not random. There is also an introduction or masala item kind of song in the film. At the same time we have concentrated more on the story so that the song blends well with the story. So you have that feeling that it is very fresh.

Q. How did you start your career?
I started my career with theatre then TV serials and the cinema.

Q. So what attracted you towards cinema?
I always wanted to become a film actor so other things were like a stepping stone for me. In theatre I learnt how to understand a character and how to act. Later I had no wish to go in TV, but you can’t suddenly become a superstar in real life, you have to cross every hurdle. In TV I earned money and also learned about camera and technicalities. I got the films because of popularity gained through TV so I should thankful to both theatre and TV for giving me that opportunity.

Q. Coming from south, you speak Hindi quite well. Did you have to work on this?
Thank you but I still think I need to work harder on this topic. I think we should respect the feelings and language of the place where we go. Only the they will like you. So, as an actor I feel you should know the language if you have to come here. That becomes your duty and that is what I am trying to do. Although it is a bit difficult to pick up any language suddenly but I am putting a sincere effort.

Q. So have you got any Bollywood films? Any favourites you wish to work with?
No, not yet. Rajkummar Hirani is my favourite director. I also like Anurag Kashyap. Even Farhan Akhtar is a wonderful director. I also like Imtiaz Ali’s work. So there are plenty of directors.

Q. Tell us something about your collaboration with Excel Entertainment.
I am very happy that it happened. This happened because of Mr. Anil Tairani and I am very thankful to him. Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar also came on board because every film needs a name and a credibility with them to go in the market so that people like it. And they came onto this decision after watching the film so that means, they liked our work and they are presenting it in a very nice way and manner. We are really happy with whatever they are doing.

Q. Tell us something about the foundation you started with your wife, called Yashomarga.
There was a drought in Karnataka and every person has a feeling that he has to do something for the people. So after seeing all the visuals in the TV, I was disturbed. And we always talks about this but never do anything about it. So with the help of few of my friends, we supplied water to 250 villages through tankers for one and a half months. Then the rain started and we thought the drought wouldn’t be there next year but after a year the water evaporated. So whatever we did wasn’t a permanent solution. So I took up a 100 acres lake and de-silted it, which helped stored the rain water and it benefited 20 villages. Then after doing it I came to know that we can do a lot of things, there was a fear initially but then if there is hope in heart, we can do it.

Q. How do you feel about Indian movies reaching new heights regarding VFX like 2.0 which released recently?
I am very happy how that movie turned out. I have always been a fan of Shankar sir, I don’t behave like an actor when I meet him, I behave like a fan. He works really hard and has big visions. Everyone is feeling proud because of that film and I am one among them. Now all director should compete with the rest of the world. KGF is also going towards that path.

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