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Film Review: Ittefaq – ‘’Akshaye Khanna completely steals the limelight and Ittefaq belongs to him’’.

Cast: Siddharth Malhotra (Vikram), Sonakshi Sinha (Maya), and Akshaye Khanna (Dev).

Directed by – Abhay Chopra.

Written by – Abhay Chopra.

Produced by – Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma productions and BR Chopra films.

Music by – Amaal Mallik, Tanishk Bagchi and Brian Transeou.

Genre – Crime thriller.

Ittefaq was one of the most eagerly awaited, much anticipated films of 2017’s second half. Today finally after waiting for so long, the film has released today globally worldwide and is a very intense crime thriller murder mystery film. The film was strongly in news for its unique no films promotional strategy before its release as they didn’t want to reveal the thrilling and mystery elements in film even by mistake.

But it looks like Sonakshi did not make a smart move by doing this film. With this film it can be said that this was not her best performance till date as she was just average and okay with her character and role on the screen in the film and as a result of which she couldn’t do that much justice to her role as well.

The plot of the story was not very weak and fragile as it was strong but the way this film was being touted as the intense crime thriller film it did not turn out to be that much of a crime thriller film.

Plot is the main factor in any story that decides how the entire film is going to be. But here it was clearly seen that even though much of attention and importance was given to the plot of the film but still it ultimately resulted in an average story of the film.

Story of the film was not at all that much gripping, intense types that usually keeps the audiences glued to the screens. Though there was a very good approach used towards the most important characters in the film which is also one of the main reasons of this film being watchable and entertaining, but it failed to create that magic on the screens that it wanted to do.

Story –

Story starts from Vikram Sethi (Siddharth Malhotra) who’s a very well-known and renowned UK based author and a successful book writer who comes and stays in India to launch his upcoming book over here.

But one fine day before his novel could be launched and hits the stands that time at night on same day his wife Katherine (Kimberley Louisa McBeath) is found dead and then it becomes a police case of murder.

Vikram calls the cops and the police for the same but instead of finding the culprit and the arresting the person who has done this, they arrest him as the prime suspect of the murder.

Then he starts fearing in tension that his whole life would become hell and worst if he goes behind bars for a crime he has not committed, and then he decided to flee and run away from the scene entirely.

While running away that night when his wife’s murder had taken place from his house, he accidentally and unexpectedly barges into a complete stranger i.e. Maya (Sonakshi Sinha’s) home.

In a very much unexpected and surprising turn of events that same rainy night even Maya’s husband is also found dead in her apartment in the same way as Vikram’s wife was found murdered in his house at that same night too.

Maya accuses and puts the entire blame on Vikram of murdering her husband and police books him and soon even arrests him in a double murder case.

Soon, Inspector Dev takes the case in his hands and begins his investigation. Vikram and Maya both are suspects and both tell the Inspector very different stories about the entire chain of events, incidents and things that happened that fateful night and they even accused and put allegations and blames on each other of the murders that had taken place that fateful night.

These things were making it almost quite next to impossible for Dev to find the truth of what exactly had happened on that fateful night which led to the double murders that had taken place.

Will Dev ever be able to catch the real culprit and mastermind behind all this? Who is lying about that eventful night, Vikram or Maya? To know more about it, you can watch the film in the cinema near you.

Performance –

Siddharth Malhotra’s performance as author Vikram Sethi in the entire film looks very convincing and natural it could be seen that he has done a very good job with his character in the film and his hard work has paid off as he had worked very hard to get under the skin of his character to make it look very real, believable and genuine enough and the way in which he has acted his character in film was just mind blowing and mesmerizing.

Even Sonakshi Sinha’s performance as Maya in the full movie does not look very convincing and natural and it can be seen very clearly that she’s really tried very hard and even made an effort to get under the skin of her character to make it look real, believable and genuine enough but the way in which she has acted her character in film did not look very realistic and genuine at all. Even she has done an Okay performance in the film.

But the real star and dark horse in film who just took away the entire limelight from rest of the actors in film and shined on the silver screens in Akshaye Khanna. Akshaye Khanna as Inspector Dev has perfectly played his role with utter sincerity and honesty and he has literally charmed and floored us with his acting, dialogue delivery, acting, expressions and emotions throughout the movie. He has given his 200% to his character in the film which is very superb and awesome thing in itself.

Akshaye comes back to screen after Dishoom (2016) with this film. He plays character of Inspector Dev who is seen investigating both the murders of Vikram’s Wife and Maya’s husband that co incidentally (‘’IttefaqSe’’) take place on the same fateful night.

He was the hero of the story and it felt like the entire film was there on his shoulders but he just managed to pull it off effortlessly and gracefully and he has proved that this role was just meant for him and him only and not anyone else. It felt like he had literally got under the skin of his character of a Inspector and lived that character throughout the entire movie as people could connect with his character very well.

Literally the entire film was a visual treat and a watchable affair only due to Akshaye Khanna in the film. Akshaye Khanna as Inspector Dev was amazing. His acting was very natural in itself. His expressions were just apt and in flow with his character in film. He has proved that he’s a very natural and effortless actor and we could literally not take our eyes away from him whenever he was in the frame.

Screenplay –

Screenplay is a very important part of any film as a strong screenplay helps in bringing out all the main characters more beautifully than what is expected.

Only some sections in the film were looking convincing and very real where they have not shown it quiet casually which was good thing about screenplay of film.

Bad part was that screenplay was just average because of few repetitive scenes which were not looking good in the film and there were not much of twists and turns in the film that’s usually expected in a crime murder mystery thriller film.

Film had another not so good thing which was about it being a little very much dark than other normal films in the same genre and a little slow too because of such an intriguing, thrilling storyline.

Generally to be frank, such films have elements of thrill, adventures, twists, turns, mystery as well which was the one thing where the film Ittefaq was just perfect and amazing.

There was not even a single moment in film where we felt like audiences were getting sleepy or bored as film critics and people in theatres were really very curious and excited to know as to what would happen in next each and every scenes throughout the film.

But here in this film even after the screenplay seen was very good but even then, the character of Maya especially Sonakshi could not perform to her best of capabilities and in end she couldn’t even put her best foot forward as an actor.

Music –

Background music used in the film was not at all good and nice. It was OK. Music has been given by Amaal Mallik and Tanishk Bagchi in film.

We always expect the best music from them as they’re such brilliant composers but this time their music did not have that magic and it was not charming at all.

There are total of 8 tracks, but none of the songs have been shown in the movie. You will have to enjoy them separately by downloading those tracks from Youtube.

Of all the songs in the album, you can easily get hooked and addicted to the promotional song ‘Ittefaq Se’, which is a reprised and new revisited version of veteran music composer Bappi Lahiri’s superhit track, ‘Raat Baaki’ from the film Namak Halaal which was released years back in year 1982.

While the original song was sung by Asha Bhosle along with the composer, the rebooted version has been sung by Jubin Nautiyal for Ittefaq (2017).

A couple of new lines have been added to the new revisited version to give it a modern feel. Other songs of the entire album are just okay types.

Actually background music was not at all required in the film. It really just felt like music was put for the sake of it and that too the songs were not at all soothing, lyrically good and soulful at all.

Cinespeaks Verdict –

This film is a paisa vasool film which you can definitely watch on a weekend without a doubt. But it is really worth a watch only due to Akshaye Khanna in film and if you’re a big fan of him and have missed seeing him in films then please do go and watch the film but it’s a one time watch film only as there’s not that much of mystery or thrill as it was being touted and expected originally.

Link to the official trailer of film –

By Vrinda Mundara.

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