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Five reasons why we love Shivin Narang!

Actor Shivin Narang has surely managed to change his image in the industry. From a chocolate boy to having a ruggedly handsome image, Shivin has made sure that his audience are well satisfied with what they see on screen. Here are five reasons why we love him.

  1. The actor, who is currently seen opposite actor Jennifer Winger in Beyhadh 2, shares amazing chemistry with her. Their steaming chemistry and the dialogues that they share, whether in love or hateful ones, have clearly been loved by the audience.
  2. Shivin’s character of Rudra is so different from what we have seen him play before. He has clearly evolved as an actor and we love this matured version of him in the show. He is clearly the perfect Rudra and we hope to see more layers to his character.
  3. The actor also shot for Khatron Ke Khiladi and we know for a fact that he is quite a daredevil. Not only did he perform all the tasks well, but his confidence is remarkable. What more do you want from your hero, right?
  4. Be it his show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera, Internet Wala Love or Beyhadh 2, all his characters have been so versatile and different. We cannot wait to see what he will take up next!
  5. We wish we get to see Shivin in more reality shows. While we loved him performing tasks in Khatron Ke Khiladi, we also loved getting to know the real Shivin. Here’s hoping to know more of this handsome hunk!

We hope you are reading this Shivin! It’s time to take up more shows and entertain your fans and you are like a chocolate who from a boy got into the young man tag!

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