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Food will never be an issue for Aly Goni

“Bigg Boss” house can become a battlefield when it comes to food. The contestants get a limited ration in the show and over the years we have seen them fighting over food and hiding it. The luxury items are a different story altogether. However, newest entrant and popular actor Aly Goni, who is quite a fitness freak, is very clear that he can manage with whatever he gets.

Before entering the reality show, when he was questioned about food, he said, “I am not bothered with that. If I am hungry then, I will make 3-4 eggs and have that. That’s my comfort food.”

Aly also spoke about doing household chores and he said, “I have stayed in a hostel and now staying alone in Mumbai for the last 10 years so I don’t have an issue.”

Well, luckily soon after he entered the “Bigg Boss” house, he was put in quarantine for a few days and was staying in a sleeper cell. And after he came out from there he became the captain of the house. But from what we can see it’s pretty clear that Aly will never say no to any household chore and will give his best without anyone reminding him to do so.

In a very short span of time, Aly has become cordial with everyone in the house and that is working in his favour. He is not just open to talk to anyone, but also tries to lighten up the mood of the house and is slowly emerging as the strongest contestant of the show.

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