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Ganpati celebration with Cinespeaks..


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Deeepak Dobriyal :-

During the days of my struggle someone said to me that till you see four Ganpati here, this city will not accept you. And I took this very seriously. Now I am here on every Ganpati. I think Ganpati signifies the unity of this country and the happinessbof each and every individual. Everybody of every religion celebrates Ganpati to make a new start. I believe that Ganpati and Bismillah are same only!

Tia Bajpai :-

Ganpati for me is a fresh start.Ganpati ji’s big ear, small mouth and big stomach symbolises- to listen more, talk less and digest all good and bad in life easily…I implement the same things in my life every year…and grow as a human in life.

Rajniesh Duggall :-

Bappa for me means a naughty and obedient son of Shiva. Who I love and respect and take his blessings before starting anything new. He is the cutest . Wherever I travel or go a all Ganesha idol is always there with me. Ganpati Bappa Morya.

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