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Gaurav Wadhwa gets candid about playing ‘Salman ’ in Baavle Utaavle!

Actor Gaurav Wadhwa is very excited to be part of the show Baavle Utaavle, more so because his character has been inspired by his favourite actor Salman Khan. In fact, his character is also called Salman.

You have entered into a whole new genre like comedy after being a part of a family drama like YRKKH, how excited you are?

Gaurav– I am very excited because I am working again with Directors Kut Productions. And the whole team is the same, the director, the makeup artist is the same. Also, my last show was a comedy show on the same channel called ‘Super Sisters’ and I tried doing comedy there as well. But this a different show, a new and a filmy character, full of dialogue-baazi and he is a huge Salman fan. His name is also ‘Salman’ in the show.

How different is this show from your previous ones?

Gaurav– Initially, it is very different because the majority of my shows were family dramas only, which were aired on Star Plus and Colors. And as I said that this time I am again working with SAB TV and also as I said that dialogue-baazi is my favourite. And personally, I am a very filmy person in real life and to play such a character on screen is the best part and I am very enjoying. Here, I have a proper hero look with a heroic entry.

You are working with Rajan Shahi for the second time how has been the experience?

Gaurav– It has been amazing, and I wasn’t surprised when I got a call from Directors Kut because I was expecting it. We are on great terms with each other and Rajan sir especially met me and he said, ‘Gaurav, I want you to play this character because you are very sincere and very punctual. We will definitely work together on some other show. But please do this.’ I was like, ‘Wow!’ When the producer himself says this that I want you to play this character, that’s a compliment for me.

You are playing Salman Sharma’s role and he resembles Salman khan in many ways, is he your favourite Star?

Gaurav–  I love Salman Khan, he is my favourite actor. Since childhood, I have watched all his films. When I got to know that I have to play a character inspired by him, so I instantly said, ‘Yes’.  It is not a very long character but is a full-on masala character. He is a singer, dancer and also has the Salman Khan’s patent bracelet.

What kind of roles you are looking for in the future?

Gaurav– I want to do love stories, I never got that opportunity. There were some bits of it in YRKKH when my girlfriend was introduced. But I want to do a full-fledged love story, with some songs and romantic songs and locations.

Have you seen the previous episodes of Baawle Utaavle?

Gaurav– Yes, I have seen some episodes before entering the show. I have also seen the first trailer which was launched a long time ago. I was very excited because it is something new on SAB TV. So, I was like, ‘wow’.

This character is inspired by Prem of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. So have you watched the film?Gaurav– Yes, a lot of time. I think everyone must have seen Maine Pyaar Kiya and it is still very fresh in my mind because I am very inspired by Salman Khan and his performances.

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