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Guddu gets his golden glow from superheroes!


Guddu gets his golden glow from superheroes!

The golden glow emitting from Kunal Kemmu’s well, errr… in the poster and trailer of Guddu Ki Gun that seems to have captured everyone’s imagination has actually been inspired by super-heroes! The director duo Shantanu and Sheershak reveal that they wanted Guddu to emit the same kind of ‘golden glow’ every time he unzipped as the superheroes emit at the time of their revelations while unbuttoning their shirts! “Guddu is no less than a super-hero in his field. We ourselves are fans of superheroes so somewhere we knew that Guddu’s golden revelation will have to be along the same lines when eyes widen in amazement!” say the directors. However, they add that getting the glow was not as easy as it looked and Kunal was almost electrocuted in the process. “It was an electrifying experience for Kunal and us! We tried everything – from trying to place a bulb in Kunal’s pants to using all sorts of other electric devices. Luckily we managed to get it right without electrocuting Kunal.” No wonder then that Guddu has such a high shock value!

Guddu ki Gun is all set to release on October 30th, 2015

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