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Here’s how Puneett Chouksey is celebrating his birthday today!

Actor Puneett Chouksey has planned to celebrate his birthday with his family this year. The actor, who turns a year older today, says that he wants to spend the day with all those people who matter a lot to him. “I am celebrating my birthday this year with my family because I feel like I should spend my special day with my family and close friends. They are very special to me,” he says.

The actor has no qualms in growing older. “I feel age is just a number although I feel I get more mature every year. I see my past, it is different every year. Things are moving in a positive direction in my life and I really value that,” he says.

Meanwhile, reminiscing about old times, he says, “When I was in the 7th grade, I wanted a bicycle. I shared the idea with my sister and she gifted me a bicycle. I was so happy about it and I was roaming around with that bicycle. Her gesture was very touching. I can never forget that birthday,” he says. 

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