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Here’s how Shreya Chaudhry father changed her perspective towards her life!

Critically acclaimed star Shreya Chaudhry popularly known for her stint in Bandish Bandits has become an overnight session all thanks to her positive attitude, flawless performances, and her dazzling fashion choices. While the newbie is currently reading a lot of scripts to choose the best one, Shreya walks down the memory lane and shares that one phrase her father shared which completely changed her perspective towards life.

Often in life, we come across a crossroad, a phase where one needs to choose a path to pursue their dreams. During this dilemma we often turn to our parents for the right advice, don’t we! This is exactly what Shreya did when she had to make her career choice. A spectacular and talented student, the diva had clear goals for herself. While contemplating over all her options to achieve the goals, her father shared a thought that she followed and has helped her in clearing all the doubts.

The actress mentioned, “My father has been a constant support and has always motivated me to chooses a career which brings complete happiness. He said, ‘When you want something as much as you want to breathe that is when you are on the right path and will achieve your goals’. This quote was itself a game-changer for me since it helped me to decide and follow my passion without timelines such as buying a car at 25 and or buying a house by 30. When you do something as much as you want to breathe, you are bound to be to do well ”.

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