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Hop on to a fantastical space journey with the TV premiere of Paap-O-Meter & The Space Bandits

Sony YAY!, the popular kids’ entertainment channel, home to the ghost comedy Paap-O-Meter, has changed the way their young audiences perceive ghosts. The show’s endearing trio, Bhoot Boss and his two assistants Thakela and Pakela have earned a special place in the hearts of kids through their paap-busting endeavours in every episode. And now, Sony YAY! is ready to take their young fans, on another spooky adventure, transporting them to the outer space by bringing them a special movie telemovie premiere called Paap-O-Meter & The Space Bandits on 14th June at 4 PM. In this movie, Bhoot Boss and his assistants are challenged by an inter-galactic villain and a notorious Space bandit called Captain Badmaash. This villain also known as CB, steals the Golden Trumpet – a mystical device that gets powered by happiness. The trio set out to stop this powerful antagonist who is on a mission to take happiness away from humans thereby recharging his trumpet to conquer the Earth and Golden Planet. Will they find the solution in time or will Earth and the rest of the universe be left shrouded in gloom and sadness? Tune in to catch Thakela, Pakela and Bhoot Boos in the never-seen-before epic space adventure Paap-O-Meter & The Space Bandits this 14th June, Monday at 4 PM on Sony YAY!Further adding a pit stop to this inter-galactic journey, Sony YAY! will give all the Paap-O-Meter fans an exclusive chance to watch the movie before anyone through a special Watch Party on 12th June at 2.30 PM. The excitement will be doubled as the art genius Lalon will host a movie themed DIY session to recreate the magical world of the movie with the fans. Register now for securing your seat in the exclusive zoom workshop on the below link or simply block your date for 12th June 2.30 PM for tuning-in live on Facebook and YouTube channel of the brand.

Link for registration- https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIucuCopj4qGNA8_LCjCIAy-TIkXvZNyRi7

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