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Huma revisits the British era.


Huma revisits the British era.

Huma Qureshi is busy with her upcoming film ‘Viceroy’s House’, which is directed by Gurinder Chadha.

While shooting , Huma Qureshi took a history lesson when she met with India’s last Vicerine’s (Lady Edwina Mountbatten) 80-year-old translator, Jaya Thadani, in London.

Their regular interaction gave Huma a lot of information related to the Viceroy’s era.

Spokesperson adds, “The film is a period drama set against the backdrop of Partition. Huma is part of Lord Mountbatten’s entourage and there’s a love story woven in between her and another member of the staff. Jaya gave Huma a better understanding of how people spoke and behaved and shared anecdotes of things that happened in that period.”

Huma adds, “It was great to gather first-hand information on how women spoke or behaved back then. She is a wonderful person and we have been in touch since then.”

Recently, the Badlapur Actor also visited ‘Jio MAMi Movie Mela’ with Gurinder Chadha and interacted with the audiences.

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