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I am happy that my vocals are being used in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan : Kamna Pathak

Actress Kamna Pathak who is portraying the character of Rajjo in Sanjay and Benaifer Kohli’s popular show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is not only a talented actress but also a melodious singer. Recently she has lent her voice in the show and the song will be used every now and then in the story line. Speaking about her singing stint in Happu Kamna says,”I have acquired my singing talent from my mother. She is a good singer and an excellent Dholak player. Since my childhood I have been listening to her voice. I have a theatre background and in plays I used to sing as well. I enjoy singing. Before starting Happu I started training under my music teacher Pankaj Dixit. In fact he has also accompanied me to a music shop from where I purchased a harmonium. After Happu am not getting that much time to take classes from my Guruji.” So how did she start singing in the show? “The writer of the show Manoj Santoshi has written most of the songs and they are all situational. I have sung a Bundelkhand song recently in the show and after the telecast I have got very warm response from the audience. The feedback is welcoming and hence the creative team has decided that there will be more songs in coming weeks. In few songs I have also added few lines and done some improvisations. I am happy that my voice is being used in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan.” Speaking about her all time favourite singer Kamna says,”It is Begum Akhtar and  her ghazals, I also like the singing of Sajjad Ali.”

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