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I feel that it’s something I am very comfortable with and I was a tomboy in my real life. So that helped

Transcribed by  Pranati Sharma


Actress Jacqueline Fernandez enthralled the audiences with her performances in movies like “Kick”, “Roy” and “Housefull” and many more. She has come a long way as an actress and has proved her mettle with a variety of films. Bubbly, charismatic and outspoken, the actress has carved a niche for herself in the industry. In a candid chat with Cinespeaks, the actress opens up on her career choices, her upcoming film “A Gentleman” and many more……..Read on

Tell us something about your character in “A Gentleman”.
I play Kavya who goes to this 9 to 5 job. She has no excitement in her life and finds it boring. She keeps on pushing herself to do things that are exciting. She has to bear Gaurav, who is really boring and safe kind of guy. She keeps trying to push him to do things that are exciting. Because that is pretty much of her personality. Her life kind of changes when she meets Rishi.

What kind of man would you choose in real life?
It’s kind of tricky. I don’t like extreme of either. I would be more attracted to Rishi because this guy is more happening, mysterious and adventurous and then Gaurav on the other hand is responsible, serious and safe. He seems polite. For me it’s just about having a balance. It’s important.

Your pole dancing has been the talk of the town. What do you have to say about it?
It sounds funny but I wanted to do something different for the song. It was a party song and I wanted to spice it up. At the end of the day I am someone who cannot go with doing the same thing repeatedly. When I went to Miami everybody were crazy about pole dancing. I thought it was very cool. There were competitions going on and there were people winning them. They go to the gyms where there is pole fitness. I got myself a mentor who taught me the whole thing. I found it very tiring. I continued with it and had a lot of bruising. But it was fun working on it.

How much could you relate to the character your playing?
I relate a lot of her. She is an outgoing girl and is more interested in her job. She is not the conventional type. She doesn’t wanna settle for the sake of it. She is just trying to find her own way. She is a very modern day girl.

You are also seen doing some action in the film for the first time. How would you describe your whole experience?
It was amazing as I love action. It’s sad but I have always been a part of very big action films and didn’t perform action for such films. I enjoyed it so much as I had to use the gun for the first time. Its really amazing to do such stuff.

Did you undergo any kind of training for the action sequences?
Not really. I feel that it’s something I am very comfortable with and I was a tomboy in my real life. So that helped. I and my siblings had weird wrestling matches in the house. In my summer camp I used to go for kickboxing and taekwondo. This stuff was quiet simple.

In the recent times a lot of Bollywood actresses have to face body shaming and slut shaming on social media and its becoming rampant. How do you deal with all the negativity around you?
Someone’s reflection of me by them is actually a reflection of them. I really don’t take it to heart. I feel somebody who does that have a lot of issues with themselves. There are such people who are doing that and with the freedom of speech it sometimes gets nasty as they take it to heart and that goes to another level. It’s also about the effect that they are going to experience. Also there are times where they go into a tizzy . It seems like your getting stressed out.

You have done action sequences and also a pole dance in the film but ultimately the pole dance is talk of the town.
I think pole dance and action are two different aspects. The two are adventurous. When people saw the trailer and I was in a never-seen-before avatar . People actually liked it. It was interesting and it looked a lot cooler. It is a new thing for lots of people as pole dancing is not explored much in Bollywood. Poles have to be erotic.

Which is your favourite song from “A Gentleman”?
I love the song “Bandook” from the minute I heard it. It has lovely music.

The film has you playing the love interest. When will we see you as the protagonist and in a women centric film?
I have no idea about that. I guess a right script has to come along and a good director as we are living n times were your box office and on-screen success is very unpredictable. The content is the king.

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