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IAS Officer Abhishek Singh takes the social media by a storm with his marvelous performance in the song ‘Dil Tod Ke’

The latest romantic number ‘Dil Tod Ke’ sung by popular artist B Praak and is smashing records worldwide with its heart-touching music and lyrics. One interesting thing to note about this video is the amazing number of around 28 million views that have racked up in just 4 days of its release. The entire credit for this goes to none other than talented actor & IAS Officer Abhishek Singh whose impeccable performance in the video is compelling people to watch it multiple times. This boy’s superlative acting skills and ability to emote with perfection is making fans and viewers shower him with praises!

Social Media holds testimony to the fact that Abhishek Singh has conquered the hearts of the audience and created quite a stir with his intense performance in the song! Here are some of the fan’s post:

Fan Swastik was just playing the video of the song on loop and he posted:

“Playing in loop Abhishek Singh IAS new beautiful song DIL tod ke”

Vaishali was enchanted by Abhishek’s look in the song:

“I never thought that IAS officers would be this handsome and good looking! Dil Tod Ke has been trending since its release all because of Abhishek Singh IAS ❤️”

Mahesh thought that Abhishek just broke the cliche image with his performance in the song:

“I generally had a totally different image of IAS #officers in my mind, yet Abhishek Singh, IAS has most likely broken the cliché image”

Naimisha shared a link of the song and shared:

“People who say civil servants are boring- strict people with “Babu Culture” need to meet
! Having interacted with him, I can proudly say that he is redefining creativity with social entrepreneurship!
Tune to :https://youtu.be/ZTBwxy4wsBQ
Abhishek Singh IAS !😎”

Another fan appreciated Abhishek Singh’s look in the song and shared:

“It’s so good to see a fresh dashing face like Abhishek Singh IAS in a music video. Absolutely loved him in it!”

It goes without saying that Abhishek Singh has created a rage with the video of ‘Dil Tod Ke’ which tugs at the heart-strings of music lovers all over the world. Securing admiration from fans and critics alike, Abhishek has truly made a mark with his appearance and is sure to go a long way. Furthermore, viewers are eagerly waiting to see more of him in the upcoming series of Delhi Crime 2 on Netflix. Looks like Abhishek Singh is on a roll, and we couldn’t be happier!

Abhishek Singh who impressed everyone with his superb acting in the critically acclaimed short film ‘Chaar Pandrah’ has once again proved himself as an astute performer by showcasing his romantic side. The young debutant’s inbox on different social media profiles is flooded with praises that are pouring in since the song released. Fans have loved the intensity in his eyes as Abhishek delivers a power-packed performance of a lover who deals with the pain of heartbreak. His unconventional looks have appealed to the masses who are further impressed with an IAS officer being such a skilled actor as well.

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